Send Thankster cards to new tagged leads on LeadOutcome

Dreading the holiday season because of all the mail you'll have to send out? Take a more efficient approach this year, letting Zapier automation to do the work for you with a single tag. Once active, this Zap will react whenever a new lead is detected on LeadOutcome with your chosen tag, automatically sending out a card from Thankster according your settings.

How It Works

  1. A new lead is tagged on LeadOutcome
  2. Zapier automation sends a card on Thankster

What You Need

  • LeadOutcome account
  • Thankster account
Send Thankster cards to new tagged leads on LeadOutcome
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LeadOutcome is a marketing automation platform that everyone can afford. It includes a Email Marketing System, CRM System, Landing Page System, and Tracking/Scoring System that have been designed and optimized for Marketing Automation.

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Creates and mails cards and notes with authentic handwriting, requiring only address information and message text. Great for CRM, marketing automation, lead gen, and more.

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