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Leadformly update · July 18, 2017

New App: Capture Qualified Leads and Improve ROI with Leadformly

Attracting inbound visitors to your website and capturing the qualified leads is tough for any marketing team. Leadformly helps your team capture those inbound leads through elegant and interactive forms designed to convert. Without the use of code, your marketing team can create and embed forms that intuitively guide prospects...read more
Matthew Guay
Written by Matthew Guay · Last updated August 15, 2017
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Forms are boring. At best they're a couple questions and a submit button; at worst they're seemingly endless questions and 1-10 rating scales that no one has time to fill out. They're a utility you'll take the time for when you need to—perhaps to buy the product or get the free trial you want—but few people enjoy forms.

And yet, people will happily tap a half-dozen images in a Buzzfeed survey to see what coffee fits their personality best. There's something about simple questions with image-powered answers that makes forms more fun. Instead of trying to think of the service you received was more worth of a 7 or 8 on a ten point scale, you just instinctively click an image that feels right. Maybe that only leads you to the next question, but now you're committed.

Leadformly lets you make that type of forms for your website. It's a flexible form builder you could use to make any standard contact form, survey, or other data gathering form. But it's designed to help you gather leads, contacts who are interested in your products and who you can target with marketing directed to their needs. It does that with simple, interactive forms that feel more like tiny apps than just another standard row of text fields and bullets.

The basic difference between Leadformly and most other form apps is its emphasis on using multiple pages for your form. You could put all of your questions on one page, but its template forms tend to have only one or two questions per page. That way, people don't feel overwhelmed answering every question right from the start.

You can add standard form fields to gather short or long text, select an option from a dropdown, or upload a file. Or, you can use Leadformly's more interactive fields, including an image selector for picture-based multiple choice questions, an address option that includes all of the fields to gather an address, a slider to select a number from a preset range, or a toggle switch to turn options on or off. Just tap the + button under or below a field to add another field. Then, click the + tab on the top of the editor to add another page to your form and add more questions there.

Want to only show some answers depending on what respondents select? Just tap the Display Conditionally option under any question, and select when you'd like that field to show up. Once you've added everything you want to gather, select the Final Step tab where you can include a CTA button to send visitors to your website. There are also extra options there to automatically send form data to a MailChimp, Aweber, or Active Campaign email list, or share it via a webhook to your own apps or form integrations.

Now, you need to customize your form's design. Save your edits, and jump to the Customize Form page where you can pick from a handful of color-based themes and choose your form's main design. There's even specific tweaks for each of the fields—you can choose the background color for a slider field, pick if the edges should be hard or rounded, and more. And, you can add your own copy to the form, to help guide your users to share the data you need. Then all that's left is to embed the form in your website and share it with your followers. You can't share the form directly as Leadformly doesn't include a standalone form page, but you can quickly embed it in a landing page or blog to share it. Then, you'll be able to see all of your form results in Leadformly's Leads field, with the answers to each question along with the contact data these forms are designed to help you gather.

Leadformly's priced a bit higher than many of its plain form app competitors, but it's more focused on helping you gather new customers for your business. In fact, you can enter how valuable one new lead is to your business, and it will then tell you how much each form is worth to your business right from the landing page. And with its unique, page-based design, your forms just might be more fun for your respondents—something they'll want to fill out.

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