POST new Leadformly form submissions to a webhook

Whether you're looking to generate an instant quote, a bespoke report, or something else for your leads after they submit your form, webhooks will enable you to do so. After you set up this integration, Zapier will make a POST to any webhook you need containing all the information from every new Leadformly form submission to keep your processes moving efficiently

How this Leadformly integration works

  1. A new lead arrives in Leadformly
  2. Zapier makes a webhook POST with the lead's information

Apps involved

  • Leadformly
POST new Leadformly form submissions to a webhook
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Leadformly is a tool for marketers to create high-converting lead capture forms. Leadformly makes it quick and easy to build powerful, high-converting, lead forms that can 2-3X your website’s inbound leads.

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Webhooks simply POST data (or JSON) to a specific URL every time we see something new. Webhooks can also accept data (or JSON) to kick off a workflow in Zapier.

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