When this happens...
LeadfeederRecurring Lead
Then do this...
CloseCreate Note

Make sure you know when the sales lead you are chasing visit your website. Harness this information when scheduling the next follow-up and planning what to talk about based on the behavior on your website. Leadfeeder tracks visit of the company that matches specific filtering criteria - e.g. you can insert your top sales leads company names into the filters. Once the visits take place, this Zapier integration creates notes for that lead's Close.io record. Remember to add the "Find lead" search between the Leadfeeder trigger and creating the note so that the note gets added to the right company.

Note: Choose the custom feed in Leadfeeder so you get only those leads' visits to Close.io that match your criteria.

How this Leadfeeder-Close.io integration works

  1. Leadfeeder identifies a new visit on your website by a company that fits your client profile
  2. Zapier searches Close.io for that lead
  3. Zapier adds a note to the visiting company's Close.io lead record

Apps involved

  • Leadfeeder
  • Close.io

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When this happens...
then do this!
Recurring Lead

Triggers when a lead matching your criteria visits your site again. Visit information on the trigger contains data of the first visit during that day.

Run Sent Email Report

Runs a sent email report for your organization.

New Lead

Triggers when a new lead is tracked for the first time (leads are tracked twice a day).

Run Status Change Report

Runs a status change report for your organization.

New Email

Triggers when a new incoming Email is created or an outgoing Email is sent.

Create Note

Creates a new note.

New Task

Triggers when a new task is created or completed.

Create Email

Creates a new email.

New or Updated Email Sequence Subscription

Triggers when a contact is subscribed to an email sequence, when an email sequence subscription is paused, or when an email sequence subscription is finished.

Run Opportunity Report

Runs an opportunity report for your organization. This report will return the data that you see at the top of the "Opportunities" page in Close.io.

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Leadfeeder helps you to find sales leads by showing which companies are visiting your site and what they’re interested in.

Close is a sales productivity platform built to help you close more deals. With built-in calling, SMS, and email—your team can communicate with prospects and customers all in one place. It’s an "all-in-one" platform which you can use standalone without needing any other sales emails tools or calling products.

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