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Launch27 first asks for your name, list of services, rates, and company size to get a clear picture of what your service business looks like. You can tweak this later anytime in Launch27's Settings page, where you can also create additional services, teams or staff, and specify your ”booking spots“—the times of the day when you’re available for service—and how many jobs are accepted per time slot. That's how Launch27 can let your customers book an appointment without needing you to check your schedule first.

”Multi-Locations“ is another feature to help you juggle a growing service business with multiple business locations. Available on the Plus plan, it lets you customize booking schedules, teams, and even pricing by location. It helps you—and your customers. Once they enter their zip/postal code into the booking form, Launch27 will display the services, pricing, and service area that’s nearest to the client. If the client books outside of your service areas, you can configure Launch27 to either block the booking or automatically assign to your default location.

After defining your booking schedule, pricing parameters, and teams, it’s time to go live and start letting people book your services. Launch27 provides a default booking form and URL (e.g. which you can either share or embed onto your website. Clients will be able to select the service they need and see how much it’ll cost at the end of the form. The Default Form Designer offers basic customization options, such as adjusting the form size, changing the font colors, or adding additional fields. If you upgrade, you can use the Premium Booking Form Designer which lets you add a content area on the side or the flexibility of designing in CSS. You can then preview the form as you make changes.

New customers can simply book an appointment with you using your Launch27 booking page. You can also add bookings directly within your staff account for cases when a customer calls directly for an appointment. You can then schedule these bookings by going to Schedule Bookings from the sidebar menu. Launch27’s drag-and-drop scheduler lets you view all of your active bookings, filter out jobs by team, and assign teams to jobs.

If you want to provide even better service, you can have your clients log in to the Customer Self-service portal so they don’t have to repeat the booking process. Simply modify your booking URL to and let your clients sign in to rebook a previous service, re-schedule an active booking, or cancel bookings. Previous addresses are pre-filled, but they can choose to add another address instead. It makes re-booking much simpler for customers—and keeps them from calling your front desk when they can't make an appointment.

If you've been struggling to scale your service business, with missed appointments and frustrated customers when they thought your pricing was the same at all locations, Launch27 is the smart calendar that can help smooth things out. It gives your business a consistent face, even while it's growing with more locations and schedule openings than you could ever keep straight on a normal calendar.

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