Kunversion+ Updates

Kunversion+ update · September 17, 2018

New Integration: Convert Real Estate Leads and Automate Workflows with Kunversion+

Kunversion+ is a lead acquisition and customer relationship management (CRM) tool that helps real estate professionals automate workflows and boost lead conversions. Pull listings automatically from your Multiple Listing Service (MLS), then customize provided templates to share with your contacts. Capture leads directly on your site, track visitor activity, then...read more
Kunversion+ mention · September 12, 2018

How a Marketing Engineer at a Real Estate Brokerage Doubles Their Output

"We can accommodate unique client requests that, without Zapier, would have been totally unscalable."John Balladares, Marketing Engineer, Reside Real Estate If you're in business by yourself, you probably have a few tools you rely on that brought you to this point. Maybe it's a customer relationship manager (CRM) or...read more
Kunversion+ mention · December 4, 2017

How Real Estate Agents Use Facebook Lead Ads to Automatically Wrangle Leads

If you plan to advertise your business on Facebook, you don't have to go further than Facebook Lead Ads. These ads give interested users—and potential customers—a chance to opt-in to a newsletter, fill out a form for more information or an ebook, enter a contest, or otherwise connect with...read more

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