Knack Updates

Knack update · May 25, 2018

New for Our Knack Integration: Find and Update Records

Zapier automations are one of the easiest ways to add new data to your Knack database. Now, with the new Knack Find Record and Update Record actions, you can have Zapier pull up info or update it inside your workflows. Whenever something new comes in, Zapier could search Knack more
Knack mention · May 4, 2015

Building an App the Simple Way: 6 Database-Powered App Builders

Whether you need to manage customer data, organize inventory information, or keep track of your business contacts, there's likely an app for that. Or 30. The only problem is, no app is a perfect match to the way you work. In your business, you have specific customer characteristics more
Knack update · May 22, 2014

Connect Database Builder Knack to Hundreds of Apps with Zapier

Knack, a simple online database and web app builder, is now on Zapier, allowing you to easily send data between it and over 300 other apps. With Knack and Zapier, you’re able to automate the insertion of a new record into Knack when you add a row to more

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