Klick-Tipp Updates

Klick-Tipp update · May 30, 2017

New for Klick-Tipp: Use Zaps to Create Contacts with SMS Numbers

Message your new contacts right away, so they stay engaged. Now you can set up Zaps that auto-create Klick-Tipp contacts with additional details, such as their SMS numbers. Add on another step to your Zaps to automatically send SMS messages to the newly created Klick-Tipp contacts. Then you can sit...read more
Klick-Tipp update · July 25, 2016

New App: Get Your Marketing in Front of More Users with Klick-Tipp

As your business grows, it's harder to get your message out to your customers. Reach out with newsletters and auto-respond to inquiries using Klick-Tipp, and save your personal attention for when direct contact is truly necessary. You can track how your users engage with your emails, or if your...read more

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Klick-Tipp is an email marketing service provider. On our easy to use platform, you can segment your subscribers by tags and send highly relevant emails or even SMS to them. Keep track of your success by analysing real-time data like Conversions, Opens, Clicks and more.

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