Add new cards to Kanban Tool for new Wufoo entries

Need a little efficiency boost in dealing with all the information coming in through Wufoo? Setting up this Wufoo Kanban Tool integration should help you gain perspective and deal with everything effectively. When you do, every new entry you receive on Wufoo will also add a new card on Kanban Tool, laying out all your information for you so you can spend more time executing instead of planning.

How It Works

  1. A new entry is received on Wufoo
  2. Zapier automatically adds a new Kanban Tool card

What You Need

  • Wufoo account
  • Kanban Tools account
Add new cards to Kanban Tool for new Wufoo entries
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Wufoo is an easy way to create and manage HTML forms.

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Kanban Tool is a smart visual project management application with real-time collaboration that allows teams to get work done faster. Kanban Tool helps companies visualize workflow, analyze and improve business processes and reduce waste.

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