Create KanbanTool cards for new Nutshell leads

In a fast-moving, agile pipeline, you're going to want to react as fast as possible to new work opportunities. Why not automate some of the process with this Nutshell KanbanTool integration? Once it's been set up, every time you add a new lead on Nutshell we'll create a KanbanTool card for you. Enjoy your new-found time as you and your team are able to seamlessly transition into executing on the tasks that will secure your new lead!

How It Works

  1. A new lead is added on Nutshell
  2. Zapier automatically creates a KanbanTool card

What You Need

  • Nutshell account
  • KanbanTool account
Create KanbanTool cards for new Nutshell leads
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Nutshell is an affordable, easy-to-use CRM that helps small-business sales teams win more deals.

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Kanban Tool is a smart visual project management application with real-time collaboration that allows teams to get work done faster. Kanban Tool helps companies visualize workflow, analyze and improve business processes and reduce waste.

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