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Matthew Guay
Written by Matthew GuayLast updated May 13, 2016

Ever wondered how long you spent on a task altogether—and what part of the task took the longest? Kanban boards are perfect for giving a workflow to your tasks, but they can also hide the work that goes into each step. Instead of logging work, it's easy to just drag the task to the next column, and get started on the next phase of the task.

KanbanFlow is designed to help you keep track of the time each part of your tasks take, so you can identify bottlenecks and see which tasks and workflow stages took the most time. It'll also help you get tasks done quicker, with sub-tasks listed directly on each card so you can check them off right from the dashboard.

Start off by making a new board in KanbanFlow. Give it a name, then KanbanFlow will ask you to add columns to your board. You could add them later from the board settings, but by setting them up first, you'll have a workflow ready from the start.

If you venture over to the board's settings, there's something else you should tweak: your task colors. There's 10 colors you can use, each of which has its color's name by default. Instead, you could name them anything you want, add description text to its tooltip, and arrange them in the order you want. That'll give you a visual way to clarify tasks, both by the workflow column they're in and by their color.

Now, it's time to add tasks. Click the + button in any list, and a New Task pane will open. You can add a title and description to the task, along with a color, responsibility, sub-tasks, and tags. There's time-tracking right from the start, too: add how much time you've already spent on the task, if any, along with an estimate of how long the task will take. And if the task is a recurring task, you can mark that along with its due date.

Then, as you're working on tasks, you can easily log the time on each task with the Timer tab in the bottom left. Open it, then click the Select button and click a task to track time spent on it. It's a Pomodoro timer, too, so you can have it remind you to take breaks every so often to stay productive. You can then keep track of the number of pomodoro sessions you worked through each day, along with a log of the time spent on each task.

Just like with other kanban apps, you'll check off sub-tasks (easy in KanbanFlow thanks to them being listed right on the card), then drag tasks from one list to another as you bring them through their workflow. In the last list, titled Done by default, tasks will be grouped by the day they were added for an easy way to see when tasks are done. Or, for more details on how your project went, use the Reports to see the time spent in each list, which tasks took the most time, how many pomodoro sessions you've completed, and more.

Kanban boards give you a simple way to manage tasks, and KanbanFlow adds just enough extra power to make them an even better project tool. You can list everything that needs done, color-coded in a way that fits your workflow, and track how long each part of your tasks take.

Learn more about kanban boards with our Kanban 101 Guide.

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