K Factors + Dasheroo Integrations

How to connect K Factors + Dasheroo

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Supported triggers and actions

What does this mean?
    • Widget idRequired

    • From date

    • To date

    • LabelRequired

      Enter the name for your metric. This will be displayed in your Dasheroo Zapier insight.

    • EndpointRequired

      The unique URL found in the settings section of your Zapier insight on Dasheroo.

      To find this URL, log into your Dasheroo account and create a new Zapier insight (line or area chart), or select one that exists on your dashboard.

      Copy and paste the URL found in the Insight's settings panel into the field below. It should look like this: https://www.dasheroo.com/external/api/subscriptions/<a unique id>.

    • ValueRequired

      This is the value of the metric you want to update on your Zapier insight.

      If you want to count individual events (like new support tickets), then input "1" in the field below and we'll add 1 to your metric each time this Zap Triggers.

      If you want to track other metrics with values that come from a previous Trigger/Action, like sales over time, then use the Insert Fields button to the right and select the appropriate variable from a previous step, like "Amount".

    • StrategyRequired

      How you'd like to track a metric over time.

      Continuous: If your data is a rolling total (like the size of a mailing list), use the "Continuous" strategy.

      Interval: If your data resets to zero at the beginning of each period (like daily emails received), then use the "Interval" strategy. This will display the aggregate value for the entire date range.

      Note: The Continuous strategy will be chosen by default.

    • TypeRequired

      The type of metric you are tracking:

      • Integer: Whole numbers like contacts and tickets.
      • Float: Values with decimal points.
      • Currency: Amounts like sales and costs.
      • Percentage: Rates and other statistics.
    • Date

      If no date is chosen, your value will be associated with the date/time when this Zap triggers.


How K Factors + Dasheroo Integrations Work

  1. Step 1: Authenticate K Factors and Dasheroo.
    30 seconds
  2. Step 2: Pick one of the apps as a trigger, which will kick off your automation.
    15 seconds
  3. Step 3: Choose a resulting action from the other app.
    15 seconds
  4. Step 4: Select the data you want to send from one app to the other.
    2 minutes
  5. That’s it! More time to work on other things.
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About K Factors

Use K Factors to create notification widgets that convert.

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About Dasheroo

Track all of your important metrics for web analytics, email marketing, social media, marketing and sales, in one great-looking free business dashboard.

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