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There’s all the standard ways of gathering leads from forms and landing pages you’d expect, along with visitor identification to find people that are just browsing your site. You can reach out to them directly with in-page notifications to have a far better chance of turning them into a lead with a name and detailed info. Then, as leads browse your site, fill out forms and open your emails, Jumplead will add that info to their profile so you can have as much info on them as possible. You’ll even see their recent social activity and notes that your team members left about them, so you’ll know everything possible when you get in touch.

Or, you can let Jumplead get in touch for you with its automated emails. You can tag leads automatically based on what they’ve done or their current stage in your sales process, and target them with automated emails that are focused on the content they’ve already seen. Then, you’ll be able to see your analytics from those email campaigns and tweak your own content and marketing based on them.

But with a CRM that’s watching your site for interesting visitors, you might not even have to contact people via email to convert them into customers. You can also create specific landing pages for anything you’d like with Jumplead, and include forms to gather lead info or trigger automated emails to leads when they visit those pages. Then, Jumplead will be monitoring search engines for you, so you’ll know how your site and landing pages are performing for the keywords that matter most for your business. With that data along with detailed analytics at your fingertips, it’ll be easy to refine your marketing based on what’s working.

People are searching for keywords about your business and happening across your site all the time. Jumplead gives you the power to identify those random visitors, market directly to their needs, and identify the most promising visitors for special attention. If you’ve been looking for a CRM that helps you get the most out of your site and lets you easily roll out new marketing landing pages, Jumplead is a great option to try.

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