Add Projectplace cards to JIRA as issues

If part of your organisation uses JIRA to manage workload then make collaboration easy by creating a JIRA issue on the fly. You can decide at what point in your board workflow the corresponding item should be created in JIRA.

Note: Any kind of issue can be created and you can also do the opposite - create Projectplace cards on the fly from JIRA issues.

How It Works

  1. A card is added or moved to the selected column in your Projectplace board
  2. Zapier creates a corresponding issue in JIRA

What You Need

  • Projectplace account
  • JIRA account
Add Projectplace cards to JIRA as issues
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Projectplace is a smart project collaboration solution that brings teams together to improve collaboration and get things done.

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JIRA is a bug and issue tracking software tool that allows software developers to manage product development and build better software.

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