Trigger PagerDuty incidents for new JIRA issues found with JQL

If your apps are particularly sensitive to specific kinds of JIRA issues you find with JQL searches, why not have some Zapier automation to track them for you 24/7 instead of searching for them yourself? This JIRA PagerDuty integration will trigger for every new JIRA issue that matches your JQL search, automatically adding a new incident to the PagerDuty service you define with all that data so you can take action the moment it happens.

How It Works

  1. A new JIRA issue matches a JQL search
  2. Zapier automatically creates an incident on PagerDuty

What You Need

  • JIRA account
  • PagerDuty account
Trigger PagerDuty incidents for new JIRA issues found with JQL
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Jira is a bug and issue tracking software tool that allows software developers to manage product development and build better software.

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PagerDuty is the leading digital operations management platform for businesses, that integrates with ITOps and DevOps monitoring stacks to improve operational reliability and agility. From enriching and aggregating events to correlating them into actionable incidents, PagerDuty provides insights so you can intelligently respond to critical disruptions for exceptional customer experience. With hundreds of native integrations with monitoring and collaboration tools, automated scheduling, advanced reporting, and guaranteed reliability, PagerDuty is trusted by thousands of organizations globally to increase business and employee efficiency.

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