Create sales orders on Jasmin from new orders on Magento 2.X

If Magento 2.X is your ecommerce software and Jasmin is your management and invoicing software this Zapier integration will allow you to keep all the sales orders updated. When you add a sales order on Magento 2.X it will be added on your Jasmin account.

Note: Please be aware that sales orders with a discount cannot be issued with this Zapier integration since Jasmin only supports percentual discounts and Magento 2.X only supports value discounts. However, you can add the discount to the sales order on your Jasmin account afterward.

How this Magento-Jasmin integration works

  1. Add an order on Magento 2.X
  2. Zapier adds a sales order on Jasmin

Apps involved

  • Magento 2.X
  • Jasmin (Standard or Premium Account)
Create sales orders on Jasmin from new orders on Magento 2.X
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Magento 2.X is the premier open source e-commerce app used by millions of customers each and every day.

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Jasmin is a Cloud Management Software by PRIMAVERA BSS that allows you to track your business any time and anywhere. Jasmin allows you to manage sales, payments, stocks, receipts, orders, etc., offering you KPIs and tips for your business.

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