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Invoice Ninja mention · January 11, 2019

The Best Free Invoice Software for 2019

You've finished the work, and it's time to get paid. Now you need to create an invoice, send it, and give your customer options for how to pay. And while you could draft an invoice in your favorite word processor, print it off, send it via snail more
Invoice Ninja mention · January 1, 2019

The Best Invoicing Software: 19 Apps to Get Paid for Your Work

You've already found clients, put in the hours, and completed the work. Now it's time to get paid. Invoicing should be the easiest part of your process, but creating and sending an invoice can be a time suck—and one you're not getting paid for. Invoicing more
Invoice Ninja update · June 14, 2017

New for Invoice Ninja: Pass Invoice Invitation Info to Your Other Apps

Now, when you use the Find Invoice Search Action, Zapier will return info about the invoice invitations—including invitation status, invoice sent date, a link to the invoice, and more. Use a Filter in Zapier to watch for opened invitations, or pass the invoice link on via email. With more
Invoice Ninja update · May 15, 2017

New for Invoice Ninja: Use Zaps to Create Invoices with Auto-billing

Billing your customers just got easier, thanks to recent updates to Zapier's Invoice Ninja integration. Now you can set up Zaps that automatically create invoices with auto-billing. Enable auto-billing and your customers' credit cards will be charged automatically, so there's no hassle for either party. What's more
Invoice Ninja update · March 23, 2017

Invoice Ninja Updates: Use Zaps to Create More Robust Invoices

Thanks to recent updates to Zapier's Invoice Ninja integration, you can now automatically create more robust invoices in Invoice Ninja. Mark your invoices as public, recurring, or discounted upon creation. That way, you don't have to go back and manually edit the invoices yourself. What's New more
Invoice Ninja update · November 14, 2016

Invoice Ninja Updates: Create Invoices with Auto-Billing, Custom Fields, Plus More

Thanks to recent updates made to Zapier's Invoice Ninja integration, you can now create Invoice Ninja invoices with custom fields. Plus, set up Zaps to auto-create invoices with downloading and auto-billing capabilities. One more bonus: Zapier's integration now supports Invoice Ninja's self-hosted version, too. What's more
Invoice Ninja update · June 20, 2016

Use Zaps to Find Invoice Ninja Invoices, Plus More Updates

Find Invoice Ninja Invoices If you're a freelancer or entrepreneur, invoices are a vital part of your business. But that doesn't mean generating and sending invoices should take time out of your day. You have many bigger-picture items to spend your time on. That's where Zapier' more
Invoice Ninja update · January 5, 2016

Handle Administration Tasks Easily with Invoice Ninja

If you rely on being paid from clients as an agency, consultant, or freelancer, you know how important proper invoicing is to you. But invoicing also takes a lot of valuable hours, from tracking your time, to the actual creation of the invoice, to making sure the payment is more
Matthew Guay
Written by Matthew Guay · Last updated March 15, 2017
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You started your company to do great work—not to spend all of your time managing tasks and making sure your team gets paid. But with your quotes in one place, tasks in another, and a handful of other tools to manage your invoices and payments, it's easy to spend all of your time managing the mess.

Invoice Ninja can handle all of it, with a surprisingly affordable online account or self-hosted right on your own servers. It's for much more than just invoices, too. You can manage client projects from start to finish here, from the first quote to the final payment for the job all in one place.

You'll likely start out by adding details about your projects and vendors. That'll help you easily create quotes and invoices by pulling in those pre-written product and service descriptions and pricing. You can then customize your quote and invoice template, selecting the colors and fonts to quickly make a design that matches your branding—or you can dive into Invoice Ninja's custom table-based code to tweak the design further.

Then, when you bring on a new client, you'll add their info to the Clients tab—a built-in CRM to track info about your customers. Create a quote for them, with the product and service info you need—or new line items just for this project. You can then log tasks for your team, and time how long you spend working on each one to easily bill clients for your team's work. And if you incur any expenses in the project, Invoice Ninja can track those as well.

Once the project's finished, you can turn the quote, tasks, expenses, and more into a finished invoice in seconds. Invoice Ninja only makes you enter the most important details, relying on pre-made templates to quickly turn your work into an invoice. It can email that invoice to your client, along with a PDF and a link to view the invoice online. That link includes a full customer portal where your client can view all of their work with your company and save past invoices. And, they can pay you right from the online invoice, using the payment processing service you've added to your account.

Need to invoice people for the same thing on a regular basis? Invoice Ninja can handle those recurring invoices, sending them out on a schedule or charging your customers when it's time. You can add credits to customers' accounts to refund them perhaps or give them an incentive to work with you again, and track your company's overall finances on your dashboard or with detailed reports. And if you want, you can run all of that on your own server, for an in-house invoicing and finance system that you can customize the way you want.

Invoice Ninja is a great way to manage everything about your company's client work in one place—in a tool that helps you quickly track the details and then get back to the work you love.

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