Interakt - Features, Pricing, Alternatives, and More

Matthew Guay
Written by Matthew GuayLast updated November 12, 2014

Data-filled dashboards are a great way to know how your business is performing at a glance. Depending on your dashboard, you could see anything from the number of days until the launch of your new product to the number of new customers you’ve gained over the past month, or anything else you’d like. The only problem is, the data isn’t directly actionable. You can see what’s going on, but then you’ll have to jump into another app to actually take action on that data.

That wouldn’t be the case, though, if your dashboard was part of the app where you do your work. And if your work is marketing, Interakt can be both your dashboard and the place where you put the dashboard data to work.

Sign in to your Interakt account, and you’ll first be presented with a screen showing your marketing stats—your new leads, sent emails, active users, and more. You’ll even see data on your support tickets and live chats, since Interakt lets you offer support for your site along with tracking the people using your site and helping you turn them into leads and deals. This time, instead of the dashboard just being a nice place to see data, you’ll be able to click on the respective sections of the dashboard and get right to work.

Interakt, as a marketing automation CRM, gives you tools to automatically discover leads and then lead them through the sales process in a mostly hands-off system. It’ll integrate with your site to identify users—people using your site or app. Interakt will keep track of the pages they’ve visited, the times they’ve visited, which of your emails they’ve viewed, and more. Based on those criteria and others you can set, you can break your users into segments and market directly to them, perhaps with an email that’ll bring them back or a special offer to pique their interest.

Then, in a nod to more traditional CRMs, there’s also a place in Interakt to manage leads—those promising people that just might sign a deal with your company, but need a bit more of the manual sales touch. Here, you’ll be able to follow up directly with people, with the same tracking features from users but with more of an emphasis on your sales process. With the breakdown between users and leads, you’ll be able to automatically market to everyone, while still keeping track of those more crucial business deals that need more handholding, or otherwise they’d slip away.

You’d never have time for the personal touch, though, if you have to manually contact everyone. That’s what the email Auto Campaigns come in. You can pick a certain criteria—say, all new users, or everyone who’s been on your list for a week, or anyone who’s not visited your site in a month—and have Interakt automatically email them. You’ll need to create a new campaign for each message you want to send out, so you can customize later stages of your drip campaign with additional filters. Or, you can go manual, and send emails to segments of your audience whenever you want.

Marketing’s good and well, but what about the people who are using your service and need help? Interakt’s good there too. It’ll let you manage support via email and live chat, keeping all of your communications in one place.

If your team is looking for a new app to help you run a data-driven marketing campaign that’ll also automate much of the hard work, Interakt is a great app to consider.

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Interakt Features

  • A data-rich dashboard that shows quick metrics about emails, chats, visitors, and more
  • In-app chat lets you communicate with your customers in real-time
  • Track leads and users separately to see who's viewing your site and turn them into customers
  • Automated and transactional email integration
  • Send in-app notifications to your users

Interakt Pricing

  • Free Personal plan for 1 user tracking up to 500 leads
  • $19/month Startup plan for 3 team members and up to 5k leads
  • $49/month Growth plan for 5 team members and up to 25k leads
  • $99/month Company plan for 10 team members and up to 75k leads

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