Add new Interact quiz entries to Salesforce as leads

Send leads collected with Interact to Salesforce using Zapier. This automation allows you to collect leads through your quizzes that will then show up in Salesforce, where each lead is tagged by their quiz result so you can follow up accordingly. This connection saves you the time it would take to export new quiz leads from Interact and add them to Salesforce and it helps ensure that you can follow up with each new lead in a timely manner.

How It Works

  1. A new lead is collected through Interact
  2. Zapier creates lead in Salesforce

What You Need

  • Interact account
  • Salesforce account
Add new Interact quiz entries to Salesforce as leads
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Create quizzes to generate leads with Interact. Send those leads directly into your marketing automation or CRM platform.

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Salesforce is a leading enterprise customer relationship manager (CRM) application.

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