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TPNI Engage - Features, Pricing, Alternatives, and More

Matthew Guay
Written by Matthew GuayLast updated August 18, 2017

There’s marketing automation CRMs centered around emails, others focused on in-app messages, and still more that are designed to simplify telephone or SMS marketing. TPNI Engage—formerly known as InstantCustomer—aims to bring together in one app absolutely every possible way you’d want to reach your customers. You can gather their leads via business cards or online forms, contact them via email or text, and follow up with a printed letter or automated voice call. It’s the one app that can automate every type of marketing communications.

It all starts by capturing your leads, and with TPNI Engage you’ll likely find your phone comes in handy here more than any other tool. Its mobile app lets you scan business cards and add them directly to your CRM without needing any other tools. You’ll also find tools in TPNI Engage to add leads via a custom webpage—complete with a QR code for easy mobile sharing—as well as via form, email, or SMS.

The latter two options—email and SMS—are the most impressive features in TPNI Engage since they both are designed to automatically respond to your contacts. SMS messages work the best for this, since they’re short messages and can only contain so much info. You’ll start an SMS campaign that will, say, ask for their name or email. TPNI Engage will record their response, and then send the next message, this time perhaps asking for their address or preference to some option. It’ll record their responses, and the real-time replies will make it seem almost like you’re replying personally.

And, if you want to take it further, you can finish the SMS followups via email or a direct-to-voicemail message. You can try it out from the TPNI Engage home page, where they have an automator setup where you can either call a number or text your name and email address, and they’ll followup by sending you an email, SMS message, and voicemail automatically. It’s an interesting demo that shows just a few of the way you can put it to work for you.

TPNI Engage lets you put those autoresponders to work in other ways. You can, for example, schedule a screencast along with emails, SMS messages, and more that will be pushed out to your viewers as they’re seeing it. It lets you have a simulated live webcast even at times when you couldn’t be online. You can then package your videocasts together as a podcast to give you another marketing avenue.

Despite its basic interface that’s more difficult to navigate than many, TPNI Engage’s broad range of communications tools make it an interesting app that could be a great option if you need to run a broad marketing campaign. If everything from SMS to email to paper letters figure in your marketing campaigns, TPNI Engage is worth checking out.

Originally published Nov 1, 2014; updated August 18, 2017 with new name and screenshots.

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TPNI Engage Features

  • Make and receive calls and SMS messages within the app
  • Leave direct-to-voicemail messages
  • Automate marketing across SMS, phone and email
  • iOS and Android apps with business card scanners

TPNI Engage Pricing

  • $199/month Engage Core plan for unlimited campaigns, email and SMS messaging, 3 users, and 3k monthly messaging credits
  • $299/month Engage Pro plan for Core features plus MMS messages, eCommerce and event tools, newsletter builder, and 4.5k monthly messaging credits
  • Corporate plan available

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