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How to Link Instagram To Your Facebook Page (Or Multiple Facebook Pages)

Published · August 28, 2019
Justin Pot

Your company's Instagram game is strong, but you sometimes forget to add those posts to the Facebook Pages you run. Good news: you can automatically publish all Instagram photos on all of your Facebook pages.

There are two ways to do this: using Instagram's built-in integration with Facebook, which allows you to connect to one Facebook Page, or using Zapier, which you can use to send photos to as many Facebook Pages as you like. We'll go over both methods in this article, so use whichever fits your needs.

How to Link Instagram to One Facebook Page

Instagram supports automatically sending all new posts to a single Facebook page, but setting this up is a little buried. Open Instagram and head to your profile. Click the three lines in the top-right corner, then tap Settings. Next tap Account.

From here tap Linked Accounts followed by Facebook. You will be asked to sign into Facebook, assuming you haven't already, after which you can choose where your new Instagram photos should be published on Facebook.

By default photos are sent to your Facebook profile, but you can also choose to send photos to a single Facebook Page instead. Note that you can only send photos to one place.

From now on, while posting new images to Instagram, you will have the option to also push the image to your Facebook page.

The post will show up on your Facebook page instantly, along with the caption you wrote for Instagram.

Connect Instagram to Multiple Facebook Pages With Zapier

Wish you could send Instagram photos to multiple Facebook Pages? Or that you could customize the description for the Facebook post, or maybe even link back to Instagram? With Zapier you can build a custom integration between Instagram and any Facebook page you manage. You can get started using this quick template:

  • Share your new Instagram posts to your Facebook page

    Instagram + Facebook Pages

You will have to sign up for a Zapier account, if you haven't already, and then log into your Instagram and Facebook accounts. Then you can choose which information should and shouldn't show up in the post.

Click Continue when you're done and you can run a test and then turn on the automation. All Instagram posts will now be sent to your Facebook page, and you can repeat this process for as many Facebook Pages as you like.

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