Create Infusionsoft contacts from new Wufoo entries

Constantly importing form submission data from Wufoo into Infusionsoft is a pain. This Wufoo-Infusionsoft Zapier integration solves that problem by automatically creating new contacts in Infusionsoft from new Wufoo form submissions.

Note: This Zapier integration doesn't import already existing Wufoo entries to Infusionsoft, only new entries after you've set it up.

How It Works

  1. A new form entry is added in Wufoo
  2. Zapier adds that entry to Infusionsoft as a contact

What You Need

  • Wufoo account - It also helps to have your form already created and to enter a test entry on that form
  • Infusionsoft account
Create Infusionsoft contacts from new Wufoo entries
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Wufoo is an easy way to create and manage HTML forms.

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Infusionsoft is all-in-one marketing and sales automation software for small businesses. It effortlessly combines CRM, email marketing and e-commerce.

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