Add JIRA issues from new IMAP emails

If you've got too many support issues falling through the cracks or not getting recorded because they come in through email, this Zap could be just the thing for you. Once it's active, every time you receive an email in your IMAP mailbox a new issue will automatically be created on JIRA, allowing you to trust that no information will be lost, no matter how busy you get.

How It Works

  1. A new email is received on your IMAP account
  2. Zapier automatically creates an issue in JIRA

What You Need

  • IMAP email account
  • JIRA account
Add JIRA issues from new IMAP emails
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IMAP stands for Internet message access protocol, which is a widely used protocol for e-mail retrieval available in Microsoft, Google and Yahoo! products among millions of mail servers worldwide.

Check our SMTP service as well!

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JIRA is a bug and issue tracking software tool that allows software developers to manage product development and build better software.

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