Subscribe new Privy email signups to a list in iContact

Unlock the power of email marketing with speedy automation. Make sure you aggregate all your email contacts with this Zapier automation. It will capture new email signups from your Privy account and create a new contact with that email address in iContact, so you can follow up without the need to manually export contacts.

How this Privy-iContact integration works

  1. A new signup event happens in Privy
  2. Zapier subscribes a new contact in iContact

Apps involved

  • Privy
  • iContact
Subscribe new Privy email signups to a list in iContact
Privy integration logo

Privy is an email list growth platform for ecommerce, SAAS, publishers, and local businesses. Run exit-intent driven popup & banner campaigns for desktop, and mobile trafffic.

iContact Pro integration logo

iContact Pro is an advanced email market solution that supports email marketers through every aspects of executing success marketing programs - from attracting new list subscribers, to capturing subscriber information and building robust demographic and behavioral profiles, to leveraging this data to automatically deliver the right messages at the right time.

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