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HubSpot mention · December 13, 2018

The 30 Fastest Growing Business Apps in 2018

Bundles are back. For years, web apps prompted a great unbundling of software, with a focus on apps that did one thing well. That changed in 2018. Adobe added Marketo and Magento to their wide-ranging suite of apps, Microsoft acquired GitHub, and Google built the new Hangouts Team Chat more
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How Clearbit & Zapier Help an Admissions Team Double Their Efficiency

"We use Zapier [with Clearbit] a lot. We have about 30 different things going on at any time."Aaron Fazulak, co-founder and CEO, DesignationVacations give everyone a chance to relax and refocus their energies. But if you are a small business owner or work for one, there's more
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How the Bootstrapped Dollar Flight Club Uses Zapier to Manage Leads

As a small and scrappy remote startup, Dollar Flight Club likes to keep everyone productive. When you bootstrap your business into existence, like Dollar Flight Club, there's a bit of responsibility overlap, at least at first. An engineer you hire to build an app might wind up creating more
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Steal This Workflow: How to Save Hours Every Week with Webhooks

You’ve seen them hiding in your app’s settings, promising to send notifications, sync data, and connect to other software you use. Webhooks. They’re the mysterious extra in so many apps. But what are they, how do they work—and why do they have such long, confusing more
HubSpot mention · January 8, 2018

How a Consulting Agency Reduced Time Spent Creating Leads by 25%

Navigating a messy API and its documentation is a lot like Indiana Jones' search for the golden idol: One wrong move and you'll be outrunning a boulder. Some APIs have robust, updated documentation. Other APIs were hastily thrown together and have been jerry-rigged since. For account-based marketing firm more
Matthew Guay
Written by Matthew GuayLast updated June 6, 2018

You’re gathering leads for your CRM via emails and forms, staying in touch with them via emails, and honing your pitch each time. But what about the rest of your marketing efforts? Everything your business does in marketing, from email newsletters to blog posts to social media, should all be feeding leads into the same marketing funnel—and each of those should be helping you perfect your marketing.

CRMs are about your contacts, the people that might buy your products or services and the conversations your team has with them. Some put your contact info in front, others focus on your conversations, and the rest are centered around your sales process. And then there’s HubSpot. It’s designed to be at the core of all of your marketing efforts, not just the part where you keep your contacts.

The most important part of your marketing is your content, both blog and social media posts, as that’s often the first time potential customers will hear about you. HubSpot combines a blog post editor with lead generation forms, subscription tools, analytics, social sharing, and SEO tools to help your content be as powerful as it can be. You’ll be able to manage your editorial schedule on a calendar, assign posts to your writing team, and more. You’ll learn what content works best, and get your team writing it, all in the same place. And, the same tools work for landing pages, so you’ll have an easy way to launch new products and get the word out.

Then, you’ll need to make sure people see your best content. HubSpot Workflows are ready for that. They’ll let you send drip emails to your contacts on a schedule, customize your site’s marketing for each type of user, and make sure only specific people are reached. You’ll make sure prospective customers see a consistent message across all of your marketing, and still target that marketing directly at the specific types of customers you’re trying to reach.

Then, there’s still the CRM. HubSpot includes the also stand-alone HubSpot CRM that helps you track your contacts, all of the info about them, and even your conversations with them through Gmail and Outlook integrations. You can track your leads and deals on a kanban-like board, and of course use those same contacts in the aforementioned drip emails.

That’s a lot to take in, of course, and you’ll likely find yourself discovering new HubSpot features for quite some time. That’s ok. HubSpot has a library of content to train you in marketing and how to put their app to work for you, so you should be able to hit the ground running and get more out of it over time.

For one place to keep track of everything from your blog posts to drip email campaigns to leads and deals, HubSpot is one of the few apps that’d qualify. It does everything to help you turn your marketing into sales.

Originally published May 6, 2015; updated June 6, 2018 with new features.

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