Save new WooCommerce customers to HubSpot

Using HubSpot alongside your WooCommerce store can really help with your marketing activities, but what's the best way to save new customers to HubSpot? This WooCommerce integration waits for your customers to place a new order and then submits the customer information from that order to your HubSpot form automatically.

Note: This integration submits new orders after you've set it up.

How It Works

  1. Your customer places an order in WooCommerce
  2. Zapier submits the order information to HubSpot

What You Need

  • HubSpot form
  • WooCommerce store
Save new WooCommerce customers to HubSpot
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WooCommerce is a WordPress eCommerce plugin that transforms your WordPress website into a fully featured eCommerce store. Send your customer and order information from WooCommerce to Zapier. Note: this service requires the WooCommerce Zapier Extension that is available for purchase on the extension store.

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HubSpot is your all-in-one stop for all of your marketing software needs.

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