Send new Surveypal survey answers to HipChat

Say Surveypal is your go-to for customer feedback. You use it to make sure everyone is content with the service you're providing. But what if you need to easily share your survey answers with other employees or team members on HipChat? That's where Zapier comes in. With this Surveypal to HipChat Zapier integration, you can automatically send new Surveypal survey answers as messages on HipChat.

How It Works

  1. Someone fills out your Surveypal survey
  2. Zapier automatically sends your Surveypal survey answers in a HipChat message

What You Need

  • A Surveypal account
  • A HipChat account with a specific HipChat room you want your Surveypal survey answers sent to
Send new Surveypal survey answers to HipChat
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Send branded surveys after any customer interaction, then monitor performance and improve survey response rates with Surveypal's real-time analytics and intelligent alerts.

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HipChat is hosted group chat and video chat built for teams. Supercharge real-time collaboration with persistent chat rooms, file sharing, and screen sharing.

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