Highrise Updates

Highrise mention · June 7, 2017

The 16 Best Free CRM Apps

Ever gotten on a call with someone, only to mispronounce their name or forget which company they work for? Perhaps you needed to email the finance team at a supplier, but can't remember who to contact? That's why you need a CRM or customer relationship manager. Like a super-powered...read more
Highrise mention · June 1, 2015

Five Ways to Manage Contacts, Customers and Sales Leads with Ease

The Zapier Monthly: Contact Mangement Edition | Vol. II, Issue 5 Every month, we teach you how to use Zapier to solve a problem or reach a goal. This month, we're showcasing how to streamline the creation and management of contacts in your CRM. Managing contacts is like sorting socks:...read more
Highrise update · April 16, 2015

New Highrise "Changed Deal Status" Trigger

The new 'Changed Deal Status' Trigger for Highrise gets triggered when the status of a deal has changed—for example, from 'pending' to 'won'. Use this new Trigger when you want to, say, share the news of a won deal in Slack, add that client's email to a MailChimp list, or...read more
Highrise mention · September 23, 2014

The 25 Best CRM Apps for Every Business

Managing your contacts didn’t used to be so difficult. When you started your business, you had a handful of suppliers and customers, and few enough team members that you could memorize their email addresses. Things change. That’s good: business is growing and you have more people than ever to keep...read more
Highrise update · September 19, 2014

Highrise Gets Better Email Support, Filtering and More

Highrise has long been known as an easy-to-use CRM that’s focused on helping you know the most about your contacts. And it’s getting a lot better. The future of Highrise seemed in limbo earlier this year when its creator, 37signals, decided to go all-in on Basecamp, its marquee product. Since...read more
Highrise update · September 5, 2013

Create Company in Highrise

Now Zapier can create companies inside Highrise making it easier than ever to realize your perfect Highrise integration!read more
Highrise update · March 28, 2013

Trigger on Deals in Highrise

Ever wanted to do something special when a big deal is won in Highrise? You know, something like throw a party, buy a yacht or add a Trello card? Well now that we've added deals as triggers, Zapier can help you with the Trello part, plus tons more like SMS,...read more
Highrise update · February 27, 2013

Mark Tasks as Public in Highrise

Now you can easily mark new tasks created in Highrise as public, making it easier to share tasks with the whole team. Check out all the things we can do with Highrise!read more

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