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Help Scout mention · April 10, 2019

How Zapier and HubSpot Empower Businesses to Do More through Automation

In an ideal world, every business could turn to an all-in-one application to manage leads, emails, marketing campaigns, cloud-based storage, eCommerce—anything their business could possibly need. Since that world doesn't exist, we have the next best thing: app automation tool Zapier, which helps you get the most out of more
Help Scout mention · November 20, 2017

How to Keep Your Sales and Support Teams Happy and Efficient with Automation

It's hard to avoid the minutia of sales and support. Both require extensive cataloging, tagging, and monitoring to maintain a healthy database. If you don't catch yourself, your entire day could descend into copying data from system to system. Add in multiple support channels and lead generators and it's more
Help Scout mention · July 26, 2017

How Automation Helps Olark Give Sales a Human Touch

In the age of automation and efficiency, some tasks are better suited for a robot, or more realistically, a computer. If it's repetitive, there's a good chance a tool exists to handle it for you. But some tasks and jobs require a human touch and approach. Especially when it more
Help Scout update · July 3, 2017

New for Help Scout: Faster Account Authentication

With the latest update to the Zapier + Help Scout integration, you no longer need to dig up your API key to authenticate your account and start building automations like these: Help Scout now uses a secure authorization method called OAuth 2 to connect your account credentials to Zapier. more
Help Scout update · October 4, 2016

Help Scout Updates: Pull Customer Support Metrics Automatically

Improve your customer support experience by automatically pulling reports from Help Scout. From there, Zapier can send the metrics to your team via Gmail, Slack, or other apps. With more transparency around metrics, team members can collectively tackle any obstacles, celebrate wins, and work towards long-term goals. What's New more
Help Scout mention · October 15, 2015

The 20 Best Help Desk Apps and Knowledge Base Tools for Customer Support

If you have customers, you need customer support software. It's that simple. You can only juggle so many emails and social media mentions on your own before you miss an important email and leave a customer high and dry. There will always be difficult questions to answer and dissatisfied more

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