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Matthew Guay
Written by Matthew GuayLast updated July 28, 2017

The internet has simplified communications so much, it's trivially simple today to share documents with colleagues anywhere or have a video conference with people around the planet. It's surprisingly easy to live without paper, at least for most of your default business work.

That is, until you need legal documents. Then, all too often, you'll need to resort to paper, printing out forms to sign and then mailing or faxing them back. HelloSign tries to solve that with its online, legally binding signature tool—part of the HelloFax family of tools that help solve the other end of the document shuffle.

It starts out with the documents you already have, the PDF or Word files you need to sign. Just select who needs to sign the document—you, you and others, or just others—and upload the document into HelloSign. You can then either sign the document or prepare it for others to sign, adding blocks for signatures, initials, text boxes, checkboxes, and a sign date field. Just select the items your document needs from the top toolbar, then add them to the document where needed. With signatures, you can type in your signature, draw it with your mouse, or upload an image. Or, for a more natural looking signature, download HelloSign's mobile apps and sign your name on a touchscreen. Either way, HelloSign can store your signature, so the next time you sign a document you'll just have to click twice.

You can then add a subject and message to your signature request, along with the names and emails of everyone who needs to sign the document. Send it out, and HelloSign will email everyone, asking for their signature. You'll then get notified in HelloSign when the signatures are all in, and can view the signed document online or download a PDF copy. HelloSign can even fax the document, via HelloFax, to share signatures with older companies or organizations who still require faxed documents.

No matter how you send the document, you'll get the same security HelloSign offers to all signed documents. It includes an audit trail for every document, logging the IP address, email, time, date, and more of every signature, security it all with bank-level security in a ISO 27001 certified data center. And, thanks to the 2000 US Electronic Signature Act (or ESIGN), all electronically signed documents in HelloSign are as legally binding as a standard paper signature.

Need the same documents signed often, perhaps your employment or rental agreements? HelloSign's paid plans include document templates, where you can upload documents, add variable fields, and automatically make new documents from templates for each of your clients and employees. It's an easy way to make documents and get them signed all in one process.

Paperwork is still a necessary part of everyday life, but it doesn't require paper anymore. With tools like HelloSign, you can get signatures on documents without ever having to touch paper—and can even fax them back without a phone.

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