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Hatchbuck update · March 17, 2016

Simplify Your Sales and Marketing with Hatchbuck

Small businesses know one thing: time is very valuable. There's nothing more important than gaining new leads, and nurturing that relationship, but that is also where a lot of tedious work can come into play. So much of your time could be wasted trying to figure out what emails...read more
Mark Myerson
Written by Mark MyersonLast updated November 2, 2018

Every company must make sales in order to survive. Large corporations can throw endless resources at marketing, but smaller companies must keep many plates spinning on a tight financial budget—and they need a tool to give them a hand up.

Hatchbuck is aimed at these family firms and small businesses, offering an all-in-one platform for gathering contacts, creating email campaigns, and sealing deals. It'll help you track contacts, follow up with automated marketing, and figure out who is worth focusing most of your efforts on.

It starts at the Hatchbuck dashboard, which offers an overview of recent activity from your sales and marketing efforts. Watch contact activity in real time, and see how emails, campaigns and other lead channels are contributing to the overall health of your business.

The Contacts area offers an in-depth look at the people most important to your business. You can filter contacts by name, company, address, and other such tags. Tags are particularly useful for dynamically segmenting and targeting specific groups in your campaigns. You can store a vast range of data about each of your contacts, and pull in details from social media including LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. Clicking on an individual contact gives you a view of their details, along with any activity and conversations you have had with them.

The other key part of the Contacts view is the “score” listed next to each contact. This is the probability of a sale being made to that contact, as calculated by Hatchbuck’s intelligent algorithm, based on they react to your campaigns. While it is only a guide, it gives you a key insight as to where to focus your attention.

It’s easy to capture new leads and add them to Hatchbuck’s CRM using Hatchbuck forms. They are simple to create in a drag-and-drop builder and can be embedded in your website.

As you add new contacts, Hatchbuck makes it super simple to stay in touch with everyone, offering an impressive drag-and-drop builder, along with a selection of customizable templates and ready-to-send designs. You can easily add text, images, buttons, and social links to your email, and change most aspects of its appearance without seeing a single line of code. That said, you can dig into the HTML and CSS if you wish, and save your work as a template.

To move your contacts down the sales pipeline, you can start a campaign. Whether the aim is to nurture leads, go for sales or winback old customers, Hatchbuck campaigns can help you meet your goal.

Actions can be added throughout the sales and marketing pipeline to completely automate your process. For instance, send an email when a contact fills out a Hatchbuck form, add a tag to a contact who clicks a specific link, or even adjust a contact score when a contact engages with your campaign.

Back in the main workspace, you can view the sales you have made through the Deals tab, and you can add to-dos under Tasks — particularly useful when you need to follow up at a later date. The Deals section allows you to look through the sales you have made and help you identify your best customer channels. All of the data that feeds into Hatchbuck can be exported in detail via the Reports menu.

For businesses wanting to stay organized, automate follow-up and track success, Hatchbuck is a great sales and marketing tool. While the interface is clean and clear, the underlying features are impressively advanced. In particular, if you want to make sales via email and send out newsletters, it's a great way to do everything in one app.

Originally Published February 10, 2016; updated Oct 18, 2018 with new screenshots and details.

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