Add new Kunversion leads to Happy Grasshopper

All those sweet leads you're capturing with Kunversion can now land happily in Happy Grasshopper. Once activated, this integration will create or update Happy Grasshopper contacts whenever new leads are added in Kunversion.

How this Kunversion-Happy Grasshopper integration works.

  1. A new lead is captured in Kunversion
  2. Zapier will add or update a contact in Happy Grasshopper.

Apps involved

  • Kunversion
  • Happy Grasshopper
Add new Kunversion leads to Happy Grasshopper
Kunversion integration logo

Kunversion is a full CRM suite of tools that helps generate and manage real estate leads.

Happy Grasshopper integration logo

Position-Me by Happy Grasshopper helps sales people convert leads through powerful, custom written email follow-up campaigns. With Zapier, you can connect with many CRMs so that your follow-up is handled automatically.

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