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GoToWebinar mention · January 8, 2018

How a Consulting Agency Reduced Time Spent Creating Leads by 25%

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The Best Webinar Software for Marketers

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How Kissmetrics Increased Webinar Sign-Up Rates by 1,000%

Running a webinar can be a bit of a mystery to a newbie. With the hefty responsibility of creating the content, many first-timers often overlook two important steps: getting people to sign up and show up for the webinar. Even if you capture a dozen sign-ups, come webinar time more
GoToWebinar update · July 8, 2013

Trigger on Attendees in GoToWebinar

After your webinar ends, Zapier now can take the attendees and perform triggers on them. For example, you could add a note to your CRM for the particular contact or lead entry (think Salesforce, Highrise, Hubspot, Zoho, SugarCRM and many more!).read more
GoToWebinar update · July 8, 2013

Custom Fields for Registrants In GoToWebinar

Previously we only supported creating registrants with custom fields* in GoToWebinar, but now we allow you to trigger off registrants and access custom fields** at the same time!read more
Matthew Guay
Written by Matthew GuayLast updated September 5, 2016

Showing is so often better than telling. You can describe your product or vision forever, but just showing it directly to your audience often gets the point across much faster. The only problem is, it's much more difficult to get your customers and clients together for a presentation.

Webinars make it a bit easier. Your audience can join you presentation from anywhere on earth, as long as they have an internet connection. With GoToWebinar, the webinar app from the team behind popular video conferencing app GoToMeeting, your audience can even join in the webinar, answering polls and asking live questions during the presentation.

All you need is a GoToWebinar account, and the same GoToMeeting app you'd use for video calls with your team. Then, in GoToWebinar's web app, you can schedule future webinars and make landing pages to share with your audience. Those pages let you promote upcoming webinars, get people to sign up for more info, and GoToWebinar will then automatically followup with reminders as your webinar comes near.

GoToWebinar uses its default app for your participants to view the webinar and join in by default. That works for webinars with up to a thousand viewers. If you have a Plus or higher plan, though, you can also run Broadcast webinars that play in your viewers' browsers—no download needed. That's an easy way to run larger presentations, as long as you don't need your audience to join in and ask live questions out loud.

When making a new webinar, you can choose from those two types of webinars, then add a title and description to this presentation. You can then choose if the webinar occurs just once or on a regular schedule, and set the time for it.

With that done, it's time to share your webinar. You'll get a link to share with attendees, along with a phone number and pin code that they can use to call in and join over the phone. The link includes a form, where people who want to attend can signup. You can then schedule emails from GoToWebinar to remind them about the event and make sure they actually attend. You can also add up to 4 "handout" files to share with audience members so they can download and read them during the meeting. And, if you want to make sure everything works correctly, click the Practice button to try giving the webinar before it's time to actually start.

Running a webinar works much like any other video call. You can show your own webcam video—along with up to 6 total presenters—or share your screen or any individual window on your screen. You can point to things with your mouse, or use a virtual highlighter or laser pointer to highlight items. And, if anyone in the audience wants to ask a question, you can turn on their audio and let them join in.

All along, GoToWebinar will be recording the webinar, saving it to your computer as a video file. You can have it automatically save that file to its web app to share with people who signed up for your webinar but weren't able to attend, or you can edit the video and upload it manually later.

There's one more thing you'll want from your meetings: the contact info of people who signed up for your webinars. GoToWebinar lets you download that in standard spreadsheet formats, or you can use GoToWebinar integrations to save the contact info to your address book, email newsletter app, CRM, and other apps automatically.

If you want an easy way to broadcast your ideas to anyone around the world in real-time, GoToWebinar is a great way to do it. It lets you stream live video and interact with your audience—and then make sure you can stay in touch with each of those viewers and the people who weren't able to attend.

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