Send HubSpot Form Submissions to GoToWebinar

HubSpot's software is great for generating traffic, leads and sales. Often times when someone fills out a form you've setup you'd like to register them for an upcoming webinar too.

This integration makes it easy to register those who've filled out your HubSpot form for an upcoming GoToWebinar webinar.

How It Works

  1. Create a form using HubSpot
  2. Create a webinar in GoToWebinar
  3. Follow the setup steps shown by Zapier starting with "Use this Zap"

After setting this up, any new form submission on HubSpot will be added to the registrants list for your GoToWebinar event.

What You Need

  • A HubSpot account, with a form already setup
  • A GoToWebinar account, with your webinar already created

Got that? Then let's get started.

Send HubSpot Form Submissions to GoToWebinar
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HubSpot is your all-in-one stop for all of your marketing software needs.

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GoToWebinar makes it easy to set up and deliver an online video and audio conference. Conduct do-it-yourself webinars with up to 1000 people – all for one flat rate. Extend your reach, expand your audience, increase your influence. Webinars work.

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