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Google Slides mention · August 14, 2019

5 Ways Teachers Can Save Time Using Free Google Apps

For most K-12 teachers, a standard teaching day is roughly 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.—but that's just time spent inside the classroom. Add in all the additional work—grading, lesson planning, scheduling, conferences, and so on—and teachers end up looking at 12-16 hours of work per day. Google's suite more
Google Slides update · October 9, 2018

New for Google Slides: Automatically Add Closed Captions to Presentations

Slides can add a thousand extra words to your presentation with their photos, charts, and bullet points—but they can never entirely replace the presentation itself. If someone in your audience can't hear the presentation, or if they read the slides later, they'll miss most of the details you share. more
Google Slides mention · July 3, 2018

How to Share Presentations: 5 Apps and Tricks to Publish Slides Online

Documents get printed, websites get published, spreadsheets get filed away for accountants to double-check later. Presentations, though, get presented. After all the time you spend making slides in PowerPoint, Keynote, or other presentation apps, often you only show those slides during a meeting or talk, then save them in more
Google Slides mention · June 18, 2018

The 13 Best Presentation Apps in 2018

From classrooms to product launches, slideshow presentations are the standard accompaniment to lectures and speeches. You can't give a talk without one. You'll want to drive your key points home—and while a picture's worth a thousand words, event attendees are more likely to be able to write down your more
Google Slides mention · April 11, 2017

Manage Your G Suite Data

It's exciting to get a new G Suite or Gmail account, with the email address you've wanted for so long. The only thing missing is, well, everything from your old account. All those emails you've sent over the past years and contacts you've accumulated shouldn't go to waste—and you shouldn' more

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