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What Google Glass Triggers and Actions are Supported?

Supported Triggers#

  • Post Update - Adds a new voice command "Post an Update to" to Glass. Triggers when you say the voice command and choose this Zap.
  • Share Photo - Triggers when you share a photo with this specific Zap via the "share" menu.
  • Take Note - Adds a new voice command "Take a Note" to Glass. Triggers when you say the voice command and choose this Zap.

Supported Actions#

  • New Advanced Timeline Item - Create a new item in your Glass Timeline with advanced options.
  • New Timeline Item - Create a simple item in your Glass Timeline with just text.
  • New Fancy Timeline Item - Create a fancier item in your Glass Timeline by choosing a template for the content.
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How to Get Started with Google Glass

Connecting your Google Glass account#

Google Glass can be a little bit tricky to get set up. First you'll need to connect your account. Luckily, connecting your Account is really easy.

When you click to connect your Glass account, you'll be given an opportunity to name your connection. This is strictly used for display purposes inside Zapier.

Next you might be asked to choose which account if you're signed in with both a personal and Google Apps account. Choose the one that Glass is connected to.

Finally, click accept.

And if all went right, Glass is now connected to Zapier!

Ways you can interact with Zapier on Google Glass#

There are several ways to interact with Zapier on Google Glass. These ways determine how you can get data onto and off of the device.

1. Voice Commands#

There are two voice commands you can bind onto: take a note and post an update. In both cases, if you have more than one Zap (or another app that uses these voice commands) you'll be then prompted to speak which "contact" to send the voice command to. Finally, you then free-speak some text which will be sent to Zapier.

The whole voice command chain then looks like...

"Ok glass, take a note, google calendar, dinner at 5pm tomorrow with Mike"

And the last part "dinner at 5pm ..." would be sent to your Zapier Google Calendar Zap.

2. Sharing photos to a Zap#

Zapier adds a "contact" you can share with when you use the "Shared item" trigger. The best use case for this is sending photos from Glass to Zapier.

Additionally, you can caption photos using Glass and this caption text is passed along as well.

The sharing process is also showcased in the video here.

3. Sending timeline items to Glass#

Finally, this is how you can send data to Glass. This is incredibly useful and lets you consume content from any other app Zapier supports.

You can either specify plain text or choose from a template, which are outlined below.

Fancy Templates#

If you choose the fancy template action you have several options to pick from. Here are the examples of what each looks like in practice.

Colorful text#

Colorful text screenshot

Text and an image#

Text and an image screenshot

Colorful header and text#

Colorful header and text

Cololrful header, text and a footer#

Colorful header, text and a footer screenshot

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Common Problems with Google Glass

My Zap isn't showing up on Glass as a voice command target or a contact I can share to#

Google Glass can sometimes sync very very slowly, especially if on bluetooth. This slow syncing is most apparent when setting up your Zap for the first time and you need to "send sample data" to get useful data inside the Zap editor.

We highly recommend getting Glass on a stable WiFi connection before starting the Zap setup process because it'll go a lot smoother.

Note -- the connection between Glass and Zapier is only active when the Zap is On.

The target Zap will always be visible on the device while the Zap is turned On. If you turn a Zap Off, it will be removed. You can re-add it by turning the zap On again.

I still see old Zaps inside Google Glass that I can share to#

Google Glass has oddly slow syncing times when deleting "contacts" (Zaps). Your Zap is deleted from Glass whenever you turn it Off. Sometimes, this can take minutes or hours (especially if on bluetooth).

Another trick is to try and power-cycle Glass. Hold down the power-button for 30 seconds and let it turn off, then turn it back on and wait a bit for it to sync.

If you suspect something is truly borked, you can delete all connected Glass accounts on Zapier and we will reset everything. This should allow you to reconnect and start working from a blank slate.

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Google Glass Demo Video

Zapier co-founder Mike Knoop showcases the new Google Glass integration. A Glass to Dropbox Zap is set up and demo'd live!

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Google Glass is a wearable computer with an optical head-mounted display. Google Glass displays information in a smartphone-like hands-free format and can communicate with the Internet via voice commands and touch input.

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