Tag Infusionsoft contacts for new Google Forms responses

Don't waste your time flagging those engaged CRM contacts by hand—we'll do it for you. Once active, this Zap will trigger whenever you receive a new response on Google Forms, after which Zapier will automatically tag the matching contact on Infusionsoft so you always know who's already supplied the information you need.

Note: To use this integration you'll need a live form that's set up to collect responses in a spreadsheet.

How this Google Forms-Infusionsoft integration works

  1. A Google Forms response is submitted
  2. Zapier automation tags a contact on Infusionsoft

Apps involved

  • Google Forms
  • Infusionsoft
Tag Infusionsoft contacts for new Google Forms responses
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Google Forms is an easy way to collect data from the web with a simple UI and powerful editor. Works hand-in-hand with Google Sheets!

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Infusionsoft is all-in-one marketing and sales automation software for small businesses. It effortlessly combines CRM, email marketing and e-commerce.

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