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Google Drive mention · July 22, 2019

Cloud Storage Showdown: OneDrive vs. Google Drive

It used to be that the cloud storage app you used would depend on your operating system of choice, but cloud storage providers have since become platform-agnostic. This means you can use virtually any cloud storage service with just about any platform and device. Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive more
Google Drive mention · July 11, 2019

Connect Gmail to Google Drive

Connect Gmail to Google Drive and Automatically Save Your Email Attachments Save your Gmail attachments to Google Drive automatically read more
Google Drive mention · April 10, 2019

How Zapier and HubSpot Empower Businesses to Do More through Automation

In an ideal world, every business could turn to an all-in-one application to manage leads, emails, marketing campaigns, cloud-based storage, eCommerce—anything their business could possibly need. Since that world doesn't exist, we have the next best thing: app automation tool Zapier, which helps you get the most out of more
Google Drive mention · November 13, 2018

Cloud Storage Showdown: Dropbox vs. Google Drive

Between your personal laptop, your work computer, your phone, and any other device you might use, keeping your files in order can be a doozy. Cloud storage software offers a convenient way to access all your files from anywhere—and be sure they're all up to date. Among the best more
Google Drive update · June 15, 2018

New for G Suite: Build Custom Apps Without Code in App Maker

Need a custom tool for your business, something to manage your team’s location, organize repair order info, manage returns, or anything else that doesn’t seem to have a dedicated app? Google’s new App Maker is a new way to build any app you need without coding from your G more
Google Drive update · May 16, 2018

New for Google Drive: Cheaper Storage and Family Sharing with Google One

Google Drive—along with Gmail, Google Docs, Google Photos, and the rest of your Google apps—come with 15GB of storage for free. That's plenty at first, but it's easy to fill it up with documents, photos, and email attachments. For years, you needed to upgrade your Google Drive to a more
Google Drive update · April 11, 2018

Updates to Our Google Drive Integration: Share Newly Added Files

Cloud storage makes it easy to collaborate with the teams on files, but managing permissions by hand takes time. With the latest release to the Google Drive integration on Zapier, you can define who gets to work on your files through automation. The new Share File Action lets you more
Google Drive mention · December 22, 2017

How a One-Person Business Automates its Onboarding Process

When you build a business or a product from scratch, that becomes your baby or labor of love—but it can also narrow your perspective. That's why phrases like "see the big picture" and "you can't see the forest for the trees" often resonate so much. If you're in the more

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