Create Trello list from new Google Document

This Google Documents-Trello integration will keep you organized by creating a Trello list every time a new Google Document is created. This event will be triggered with every new Google Document that is created.

Note: This Zapier integration doesn't create Trello lists for existing documents, only new ones after you've set it up.

How It Works

  1. A new document is created in Google Docs
  2. Zapier automation creates a new Trello list on a board of your choice

What You Need

  • Google Docs account
  • Trello account
Create Trello list from new Google Document
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Google Docs is an online word processor that lets you create and format text documents. Collaboratively edit documents with other people in real time.

We also support Google Sheets!

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Trello is a team collaboration tool that lets you organize anything and everything to keep your projects on task.

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