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Google Cloud Print - Features, Pricing, Alternatives, and More

Matthew Guay
Written by Matthew GuayLast updated January 15, 2016

Paperless never happened. We might not write paper letters anymore, and we might store more documents in the cloud than in a file cabinet, but there's still plenty of paper in most offices. And odds are, you still need to print out a document every so often.

But printers are still annoying devices, prone to paper jams and low ink warnings. And unless you've bought a new printer recently, you'll have to connect your printer via a USB cable to your computer, just to print out a single document for safekeeping.

It doesn't have to be so difficult. Google Cloud Print is a free way to modernize your printer, connecting it to the cloud so you can print documents from anywhere.

With most modern, Wifi printers, Google Cloud Print lets you print from anywhere without any extra equipment. Just connect your printer to your wifi network, then setup its Cloud Print connection, and sign into Cloud Print in Google Chrome. Then, whenever you need to print a webpage, just press Print as normal, select your Cloud Print printer, and the page will be printed out on your printer—no matter where you are.

Cloud Print works with apps, too. You can print to Cloud Print directly from a number of mobile apps, or use printer apps that let you send any file to Cloud Print from a PC, Mac, iOS, or Android device. You can even use its Zapier integration to print out documents and emails automatically from hundreds of other apps, without ever needing to hit print. Have Zapier watch Dropbox for new files with the name "invoice", say, and it can then send them to Cloud Print so you'll automatically have a hard copy without any extra work.

And if you have an older, USB-connected printer, you're still in luck. Just connect your printer to your computer, and you can still set it up with Cloud Print via Chrome. If the printer's connected to a desktop computer that's always on, it'll print documents automatically just like a newer Wifi printer. Otherwise, Chrome will save the print jobs until you're connected to the printer, so you can get all your paper copies at once without having to remember to hit print again when you're in the office.

Google Cloud Print's a simple tool that makes one of the least digital jobs in the office a bit less annoying. Set it up in Chrome and with some Zapier extensions, and you just might never have to actually click a Print button again.

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Google Cloud Print Features

  • Print to wifi connected printers from anywhere via Chrome browser, mobile apps, and connected web apps
  • Add legacy printers through Chrome
  • Control all standard print settings, including color, paper size, and more
  • Save anything to Google Drive through Google Print

Google Cloud Print Pricing

  • Free with a Google Account

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