Update Slack status during new Google Calendar events

Sometimes there's no time to let the team know you're busy during back to back calls. Zapier can help ensure your Slack status is up to date during your next meeting—or whatever event—once you set up this automation. From then on, Zapier will set your Slack status to indicate you're busy 5 minutes before the Google Calendar event starts, and set a new status once it ends, saving you from the trouble of awkwardly trying to tell the team you can't get back to them at the moment.

Note: The lead time before setting a status can be customized to any amount of time you want - 5 mins, an hour, or more

How this Google Calendar-Slack integration works

  1. A new event is about to start on Google Calendar
  2. Zapier sets a Slack status for you at the pre-defined time before the event begins
  3. Zapier then waits until the event is over on Google Calendar
  4. Lastly, Zapier will either set a new Slack status or clear out your previously set status

Apps involved

  • Google Calendar
  • Slack
  • Delay by Zapier
Update Slack status during new Google Calendar events
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