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Add quick events to Google Calendar from new Google Forms responses

  1. When this happensStep 1: New Response in Spreadsheet

  2. Then do thisStep 2: Quick Add Event

Sometimes you just want your users to talk to you, not have to fill out cold forms. Set up this Zap and we'll help turn their responses into actionable items: Whenever a new response is received on Google Forms, this automation will parse their answers and create a quick event on Google Calendar for you.

Note: To use this integration you'll need a live form that's set up to collect responses in a spreadsheet.

How this Google Forms-Google Calendar integration works

  1. Someone submits a new response on Google Forms
  2. Zapier automation parses the contents into a new event on Google Calendar

Apps involved

  • Google Forms
  • Google Calendar
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Connect Google Calendar + Google Forms in Minutes

It's easy to connect Google Calendar + Google Forms and requires absolutely zero coding experience—the only limit is your own imagination.

All Triggers & Actions

New Calendar

Triggers when a calendar is created.

Event Ended

Triggers when an event ends.

InstantNew or Updated Event

Triggers when an event is created or updated (except when it's cancelled).

New Event Matching Search

Triggers when an event is created that matches a search.

Lookup Response

Finds a response row by a column and value. Returns all the values on that matching row.

Event Cancelled

Triggers when an event is cancelled or deleted.

Event Start

Triggers a specified time before an event starts.

InstantNew Event

Triggers when an event is created.

Create Response

Create a new response/entry (row) in a specific spreadsheet.

Find or Create Response

Finds or creates a specific lookup row v2.

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