GoCanvas Updates

GoCanvas update · April 26, 2018

Updates to Our GoCanvas Integration: New Ways to Hand off Form Data

Getting the right data at the right time is crucial to streamlining and automating your business processes. With the latest update to the GoCanvas + Zapier integration, the New Submission Trigger can now be set to run after each handoff of a workflow. For example, you can now automatically send...read more
GoCanvas update · March 17, 2017

Updates for Canvas: Automatically Delete Dispatches in Your Workflows

Canvas is a powerful tool for creating mobile forms and now you can do more with it. This update brings the ability to automatically delete dispatches, based on Triggers from other tools. For example, if a customer record is updated, new task created or a payment declined, that will trigger...read more
GoCanvas update · April 25, 2016

Say Goodbye to Paper Forms with Canvas

The 'traditional' office is changing so rapidly and is going more digital, we are losing the need to have paper documents. Physical items slow down business, are prone to damage or being misplaced, eventually take up a lot of space, and are impossible to search. With the changing office landscape...read more

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GoCanvas provides a simple, drag and drop tool for creating your own mobile forms (called GoCanvas Apps) that can be filled out by your employees on their mobile devices. Customize your own mobile inspections, work orders, time cards, invoices, waivers and much more. Instantly transmit your data to customers and colleagues to keep your business moving at the speed of digital.