Create a New Incoming Message from a Gmail Email

Keep a holistic view of communication with your customers by using this Zapier integration to log incoming Gmail messages as from a user as an incoming message in Intercom.

How it Works

  1. Someone sends an email to your Gmail account
  2. Zapier automatically creates a new incoming message in Intercom

What You Need

  • A Gmail account
  • An Intercom account
Create a New Incoming Message from a Gmail Email
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One of the most popular email services, Gmail keeps track of all your emails with treaded conversations, tags, and Google-powered search to locate find any message you need.

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Intercom is a fundamentally new way for internet businesses to communicate with customers, personally, at scale. It's a customer communication platform with a suite of integrated products for every team—including sales, marketing, product, and support. Intercom's products enable targeted communication with customers on your website, inside your web and mobile apps, and by email.

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