GitHub Updates

GitHub update · October 5, 2018

New for Our GitHub Integration: Update Issue Action

Want to update your GitHub issues automatically when your team checks off a task or ships a new pull request? Zapier's GitHub integration can now do that for you with its new Update Issue action. It can update any existing issue in your GitHub repositories to help your team more
GitHub update · May 15, 2018

New for Our GitHub Integration: Automatically Make New Gists

If you use GitHub regularly, you're likely already a fan of Gists, GitHub's simple way to share text and code snippets. You type or paste in anything you want, then can share it with a public or private link—or keep it as a personal note in GitHub. With Zapier' more
GitHub update · April 6, 2016

Git Searching: Look up GitHub Repos, Pull Requests, and Issues

Find or Create GitHub Issues We use GitHub, like so many other companies, to make our product better every day. We also plug GitHub in with Zapier to automate our GitHub workflows with handy Zaps like these: New Search Action capabilities for Zaps allow you to dynamically search for more
GitHub mention · February 24, 2015

How Successful Remote Teams Evaluate Employees

During my first full day of work at Automattic, the only thing running through my mind was "Am I going to get fired?" That's an unusual feeling, especially when you're hours into a new job. To clarify, this had nothing to do with Automattic or any of my more
GitHub update · May 7, 2014

GitHub gets Supercharged with New Mention Trigger

@Mentions are one of the most social parts of GitHub. Yet, before now, there was no easy way to trigger a Zap when your name was mentioned. Today that's changing. There is a now a new trigger called "New Mention" which will watch for your GitHub username on commits, more
GitHub update · November 8, 2012

Specific Branch Commits

This trigger adds the ability to select a specific branch to watch for commits, previously we had only allowed more

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