Add new Github issues to PomoDoneApp as tasks

If you're looking for better ways to track the time you spend on your engineering issues, we can help. Turn on this integration, and Zapier will add a task on PomoDone whenever a new issue is created on GitHub, ready for your tracking when it's time to fix some bugs.

How this Github - PomoDone App integration works

  1. A new issue is added on Github
  2. Zapier creates a task in PomoDone App

Apps involved

  • Github
  • PomoDone
Add new Github issues to PomoDoneApp as tasks
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GitHub is the perfect place to share code and work collaboratively on private and open source software.

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Pomodone app enhances your task management by using the Pomodoro technique to boost your efficiency with controlled chunks of productivity. Prioritize your tasks, gain focus on them, and get more work done.

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