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GetResponse mention · December 29, 2017

How Zapier Helps Authors Reach Their Audience

The hardest part of writing is actually sitting down and writing. If you're an author intending to publish your work, the second hardest part of writing is publishing. Not only do you need to tackle whether to go digital or physical, but where can you publish your work? more
GetResponse mention · November 29, 2017

The Best Webinar Software for Marketers

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GetResponse update · April 11, 2017

New for GetResponse: Zapier Now Supports Custom Fields and Enterprise Accounts

Keep track of important details about your contacts with custom fields in GetResponse. Now with Zapier's updated GetResponse integration, you can auto-create contacts with custom fields. Plus, the Zapier integration now works with GetResponse360 accounts, too. Automatically manage your contacts and campaigns to gain back time in your more
GetResponse update · February 2, 2017

Updates for GetResponse: Use Zaps to Automatically Remove Contacts from Campaigns

Clean up your email lists by swiftly removing uninterested contacts. Thanks to recent updates, Zapier can now automatically remove contacts from your GetResponse campaigns. The result? Higher engagement and fewer spam reports. What's New with GetResponse New Actions Remove Contact: Use Zaps to automatically remove a contact from more
GetResponse mention · January 9, 2015

The 25 Best Email Marketing and Newsletter Apps

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GetResponse mention · November 26, 2014

The 25 Best Email Marketing Apps to Send Drip Campaigns

Email's crazy. Every new communication app claims to be an "email killer", and yet email outlives each one. Love it or hate it, you still likely check email first thing every morning, and pull your phone out every time it vibrates in your pocket with a new message. more
GetResponse update · August 13, 2013

Adding New GetResponse Contacts to a Autoresponder Cycle

We've add a small, but valuable feature to our New Contact action for GetResponse. You can now start the contacts at any point in your campaign's autoresponder cycle. No more having to manually add the contacts! Just plug in a number that corresponds to a day in more
Matthew Guay
Written by Matthew GuayLast updated June 18, 2018

Email marketing has grown up. An email newsletter used to be all you needed, perhaps with a form to let people sign up easily. Then you needed drip emails to share onboarding messages with new subscribers, and tools to keep track of contacts, and full landing pages to get new users to sign up.

That’s how GetResponse has become a full-featured marketing automation app, ready to handle everything from attracting new users to sign up for your emails to keeping track of each contact and where they stand on your sales process.

At its core, GetResponse is still a tool to send email newsletters quickly. Its email editor lets you enter your email message details—including choosing whether you’d like to share the message on your social networks or A/B test it—and then choose the style you’d like from pre-designed templates. You’ll then be able to tweak the template, drag-and-drop the elements you want, type in your text and add images.

While you’re editing, you’ll see a live-preview of how the email looks on a large screen in the main section of the page, with a scrollable mobile preview on the right side of the screen. Between the two, there’s a toolbar with content sections you can add to your emails, including standard layout blocks, sharing and PayPal sales buttons, free stock photos from iStock, and snippets from other emails that you’ve saved to reuse easily. There’s even a history pane that’ll let you roll back changes you’ve made to your message, and an Inbox Inspector to see how your emails will look in other apps.

You’ll then need to pick who’ll get your email from your lists of contacts. Need to get more subscribes on those lists? GetResponse’s built-in form and landing page builders let you use similar features to drag-and-drop sections into a landing page to promote your products and get people to sign up to your email list.

Want to share the same emails to every new subscriber? GetResponse’s autoresponders let you send out automated emails on a schedule, to make sure everyone gets the same set of emails or that new emails are sent to your entire list on a schedule. Or, send out a new email to everyone as soon as it’s finished.

With its higher priced plans, you can also use GetResponse’s CRM to track details on your contacts and work to turn them into customers. Every plan lets you manage subscribers’ email addresses, names, and other core contact details. GetResponse CRM then lets you attach contacts to deals, track deal progress on a kanban board, send automated emails based on their position in your sales process, and run video webinars to help convert new contacts into customers. Since it’s tied to your email newsletter tool, you’ll have all of your core marketing tools in one place—with a customizable dashboard to help you see how your landing pages, emails, webinars, deals, and more are going.

Whether you’re just starting out marketing and want a way to send beautiful emails, or need a full-featured marketing automation suite, GetResponse has something for everyone. It’s a marketing platform that can help you get more customers through your emails.

Oriignally published January 7, 2015; updated June 18, 2018 with new pricing and features.

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