Log new Freckle entries to a Google Sheets spreadsheet

Keep a back log of your time-tracked activities, and never scratch your head over who's working on what, for how long, again. This Zapier automation will log new Freckle entries as rows on Google Sheets. Stay organised without effort, and never lose track of time!

How It Works

  1. A new entry is added on Freckle
  2. Zapier saves the entry as a row on Google Sheets

What You Need

  • Freckle account
  • Google Sheets account
Log new Freckle entries to a Google Sheets spreadsheet
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Freckle helps you manage your time and see the big picture: which days have you been working? How much, and on what? Is all that time billable time? What are your teammates and employees doing?

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Google Sheets is the new Google Spreadsheets software. Google Sheets is available on all your devices and has all the features you come to expect from spreadsheet software. Sheets also allows you to collaborate with others in real time.

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