Create ServeManage jobs from new FormStack submissions

If you're spending too much time entering in job details by hand, it's time for some automated assistance—you can eliminate double data entry by setting up this Zapier integration. From then on, whenever there's a new submission on your Formstack form, Zapier will create a new job in ServeManager with the data exactly as your clients submitted it, ensuring there are never any mistakes or missing information.

Note: This is a simple starting point for what can become a very robust client intake form. A Multi-Step workflow can be used to create a client, court case, and even upload documents to the job.

How this Formstack-ServeManager integration works

  1. A new form submission is detected on Formstack
  2. Zapier creates a new job in ServeManager

Apps involved

  • Formstack
  • ServeManager
Create ServeManage jobs from new FormStack submissions
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Formstack is one of the easiest ways to build custom forms that let you collect data your way.

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ServeManager provides process servers with the tools they need run their business, while giving their law firm clients a dashboard to track the status and activity associated with service of process.

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