Send Forms On Fire notifications for new Harvest clients

Tired of updating the team when you land a new client? We'll do it for you, no problem. Turn on the automation to have Zapier handle the rest. From then on, whenever you add a client on Harvest, we'll send a notification to any mobile device's Forms on Fire app, keeping your colleagues informed without distracting you.

Note: This automation uses the Forms on Fire Mobile app to receive and display temporary notifications. The Forms On Fire app will need to be downloaded on the receiver's mobile device and they must log in using their unique credentials.

How this Harvest-Forms On Fire integration works

  1. A new client is added in Harvest
  2. Zapier sends a notification via Forms On Fire

Apps involved

  • Harvest
  • Forms On Fire
Send Forms On Fire notifications for new Harvest clients
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Harvest gives you simple time tracking, fast online invoicing, and powerful reporting software. Simplify employee timesheets and billing.

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Forms On Fire is an enterprise-grade mobile forms platform. Capture rich data on a mobile device including pictures, GPS, audio/video, signatures and more to submit to a secure data storage vault and integrate with hundreds of external systems.

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